3 Ways To Improve Your Furnace's Airflow

Your forced-air furnace requires a massive volume of air to provide heat to your home. When your furnace doesn't receive enough air, it won't be able to heat your home quickly or efficiently. If your furnace just doesn't seem to be receiving a sufficient amount of airflow, then perform or arrange for these three maintenance tasks: Replace or Clean Your Air Filter Clogged air filters are one of the leading causes of restricted airflow throughout an HVAC system. [Read More]

An In-Depth Look At Ferrock And How It Compares To Concrete

Concrete is one of the most common construction materials in the U.S., with over 68 million metric tons of the material produced in 2004. It's considered the standard building material for a wide range of construction projects, from ordinary residential homes to towering skyscrapers and massive hydroelectric dams. Recently, a University of Arizona student created an eco-friendly alternative that offers its own set of useful benefits. The following takes a look at how this new material, known as Ferrock, stacks up to traditional concrete. [Read More]

Common Reasons To Test Your Well For Volume And Quality

Almost 9 million Canadians rely on groundwater for drinking, cooking, washing and agriculture. Water wells are drilled to reach groundwater in aquifers. Aquifers can be found in various sizes underground and are, essentially, holding tanks for groundwater. The ground naturally filters groundwater before it reaches these aquifers. Groundwater, however, can become contaminated and may run out of water. Here's what you need to know if you depend on your water well.  [Read More]

Which Type Of Pool Service Do You Need?

A home swimming pool is a great benefit to any homeowner, but it's also a lot of work. If you're like many homeowners with new pools, you're considering the pros and cons of hiring a pool service to take some of the pool care duties off of your hands. Hiring a pool service is actually a very smart decision. Pool care requires a variety of different skills, and not too many people have all of them. [Read More]