3 Extra Benefits You Can Achieve By Adding Extra Insulation To Your Home

When you're building a new house and the subject of insulation comes up, you probably realize that your new home will need it to stop airflow, but you may not realize the other benefits it can offer. Insulation comes in many types and is used in many areas of a home, and you may want to spend a little extra money insulating your home so you can reap the additional benefits it offers. Insulation will help stop you from losing heat, but here are three additional benefits it may offer.

Sound Barrier

Insulation is always placed in all exterior walls and attic space, and this is something that helps stop outside noise from coming inside. Sound comes from vibrations, but insulation can stop this by absorbing the vibrations from sound. Because of this, adding extra insulation to your walls can stop even more noise from coming through.

In addition, you may want to have insulation placed in some of your interior walls in the home. This could include your laundry room. Washing machines and dryers can be noisy when they are running. If your laundry room is in your basement this might not be a big deal, but if you have a main floor laundry room, you should consider having the walls insulated. The insulation will absorb a lot of the sounds made by these appliances, which will keep your house quieter.

You could also consider having other rooms insulated too, including the bedrooms, office, and playroom. If your utility is room is located on your main floor, you should also consider insulating those walls too. Interior insulation can make a huge difference in the noise level in a house, and the more insulation you have the quieter your home will be.

Moisture Control

Insulation stops heat from getting inside a house and while this is happening, the insulation may also prevent moisture from getting in. Heat contains moisture. If heat cannot get in, you will naturally have less moisture in your house.

There are several components needed to stop moisture from getting in a house, but keeping the house air proof is the most important feature. Water leaks in when there are small gaps or holes, and you can prevent this by using insulation to make your house airtight.

Spray foam insulation works great for this purpose, because it can be placed in really small cracks and areas that you may not be able to reach or even see. When spray foam insulation is used, it is sprayed in and it fills up every crevice around. This will stop moisture from getting in, and your house will be protected against the damage moisture can cause.

Resale Value

When you invest in the insulation in your home, you will benefit by having:

  • A more even, comfortable temperature in your house
  • Lower energy bills for heating and cooling
  • A house that is quieter
  • A house that is protected against moisture

All these features might actually make your house more attractive and marketable if you decide to sell it. You could advertise the house as a highly efficient home, and you could list the features that add to this. This could not only include the insulation you have in the house, but it could also include any other features that help reduce energy costs in a home.

If you are not sure what rooms to insulate or what type of insulation to choose, talk to a contractor. Your contractor can help you decide what type to use, where to place it, and how much to use. When you move in your house, you will be glad you decided to upgrade your insulation.