Have A Lot Of Trees? When You Should Remove Them And How This Is Done

Trees can make a property look beautiful and provide you with a lot of shade if the trees are large. If you have a lot of trees in your yard, however, it may be beneficial to remove some of them. Below are some reasons why you should do this. You will also find information on how a tree removal service removes trees. 

Reasons to Remove Trees

If one or more of your trees are dying or has a disease, they should be removed immediately. Many diseases will spread and affect all the trees so you will end up with no trees in your yard. There are many signs of dying trees, such as peeling bark, holes in leaves, and sap seeping out of the tree. If you see a woodpecker constantly pecking at the tree this is a sign that the inside of the tree is hollow. Woodpeckers also love to eat insects that often bore through trees. 

Another reason to remove trees is if they are planted in the wrong location. They may be near powerlines and would cause a lot of problems if one or more trees fell over the lines. If the trees are close to your home, a fallen tree or fallen branches can damage the roof resulting in a lot of repairs. If the trees and or branches are large it could completely destroy the roof. The tree roots may also spread far enough to cause damage to foundations, driveways, and more. 

If you have trees that cause a lot of mess, such as the walnut or buckeye, this can result in you spending a lot of time cleaning your yard. This is because a large number of nuts and seeds will drop from these trees.  You could remove the trees and replant new trees that are not as messy. 

Tree Removal

A tree removal service can come to your property to determine if trees are dying or if they should be removed for other reasons. To remove the trees they use special equipment to reach the top of tall trees. They will start at the top in most cases removing branches as they go. When all branches are removed, they chop the tree down to pieces at a time. 

When the tree removal service is finished, they will then remove the stump from the area. You can fill the hole in with soil and plant grass or could plant flowers or a bush to replace the tree. 

The tree removal service you hire can give you much more information on how they remove trees.