Kitchen Renovation Or Remodeling? Which Is Right For You?

Even though some homeowners are not happy with their kitchens, they hesitate to start a complete remodeling project. The reasons are many, ranging from the cost of remodeling to the chaos that can be created by tearing up the kitchen. But do you really need a full remodel? Or could you benefit from a simpler renovation? Here are some answers to your questions. 

How Does Renovation Compare to Remodeling?

Renovation and remodeling are terms often used interchangeably. But they do have differences. A renovation is more contained; it's more focused on updating the space, making cosmetic improvements, and targeting specific structural issues. On the other hand, remodeling involves the layout, structure, size, and shape of a space. It is more complex and takes longer due to more wholesale structural changes. 

When Should You Renovate?

How can you choose between these two approaches? Begin by identifying what it is about the kitchen that makes you happy and unhappy. Does the layout work in general, but some things are in the wrong places? Has the decor, appliances, or color scheme become dated and unappealing? Would you like to change cabinetry, color palettes, or organization?

You may be a good candidate for renovation if you can address these or similar issues without changing the floor plan, location of fixtures, wall placement, or window size. On the other hand, if your displeasure at the kitchen has deeper root causes, you may need a bigger remodeling project to fix them. 

For example, consider a kitchen in which the work triangle—sink, refrigerator, and stove—is too large, blocked by an island, or even nonexistent. There are several approaches to fixing the problem. You might simply need to remove the island in a limited renovation. Or you could move the stove to the island. However, if all the appliances are in the wrong place, you may need to remodel the floor plan. 

Don't overlook the budget differences. Remodeling a kitchen can cost thousands of dollars. But if you don't move appliances, change the floor plan, or remove walls, you can keep that price tag down considerably by opting for a refreshing renovation. 

Where Can You Start?

Which kind of project is right for your kitchen? Understanding from the beginning whether your goal is a remodel or a renovation will save money, time, and effort no matter what you choose to do. Start by meeting with a kitchen renovation contractor today.