Planning for a New Roof? Smart Reasons to Shirk Your Shingles & Choose Metal Roofing Instead

Replacing the roof is a necessary part of preserving the condition of any home. Unfortunately, the roof can also be one of the most expensive portions to repair or replace. Today's homeowners, however, are finding that some of the newer roofing materials now available can greatly extend the average lifespan of their home's roof, making repair or replacement costs more affordable over time.

One of the roofing materials that has undergone significant changes, both in appearance and durability, is metal. If your current roof is damaged or reaching the end of its lifespan, there are some very smart reasons to consider shirking shingles and opting for a metal roof instead. 

Metal roofs offer optimal recycling benefits

In addition to the time and money required to have worn or damaged roofing shingles replaced, it is also necessary to make sure that old shingles are disposed of properly to prevent damage to the environment. By some estimates, as much as 1.25 million tonnes of shingles and other asphalt roofing waste materials end up in Canadian landfills each year.

While some efforts are underway to process these materials for use in paving and other industries, this effort is still in its infancy and currently unable to keep up with the amount of shingles that require disposal each year. In contrast, metal roofing material is manufactured using aluminum, steel and other metals capable of being melted down and reformed into new roofing or other metal goods, over and over again, making it a much greener choice.

Metal roofs can lower homeowner insurance premiums

Metal roofing is able to resist the effects of storms and high winds that often cause damage to shingled surfaces. In addition, the metals used in metal roofing is naturally resistant to fire, making it a good choice for homes located in areas at risk of wildfire. Because these qualities help to reduce the number and amount of storm and fire damage claims, some home insurance providers offer a premium discount for homes with metal roofing. Remember to check with your homeowner's insurance provider to discuss their policies on this matter, before making a final decision.

Metal roofing can save money on utilities

The naturally reflective qualities of metal roofing can help homeowners save money on both heating and cooling costs. In summer, much of the sun's heat is reflected from the exterior of the metal back into the atmosphere, instead of allowing the heat to be absorbed through the home's envelope and into the home. With less heat coming into the home, the air conditioning system does not have to work as hard to maintain the desired interior temperature, creating an opportunity for lower cooling bills.

In winter, the interior metal surface of the roofing material works in an opposite manner, helping to reflect and trap the expensive heated air created by the furnace inside the home, instead of allowing it to escape through the attic. 

Metal roofing is an excellent choice for use with solar panels

Metal roofing, especially the type referred to as standing seam metal roofing, creates an optimal surface on which to mount and support solar panels. Since one of the problems sometimes experienced when using solar panels on shingled roofs are issues related to removing and then reinstalling them every time the shingles need replaced, the longer lifespan associated with metal roofing solves this problem. In addition, metal roofing materials are naturally much more reflective than shingles, which can help maximize the efficiency of residential solar power systems.

Before making a final decision regarding the roofing materials for your new roof, take time to consult with roofing contractors like Vancouver Rai Roofing Ltd. They will be able to examine your current roof and help you determine what roofing material will be the most durable and cost efficient one for your particular situation.