Bored With Your Home? 2 Tips to Change Things Up

If you are bored with your home but do not want to move, there are many things you can do to change things up. When you are finished, your home will look and feel different to you. Below are two of these tips to help you get started with your home's transformation.

Put in Hardwood Flooring

If you currently have carpeting in your home, you should consider removing it and having hardwood floors installed. This is an expense but it can completely change the way your home looks. Hardwood floors are also cleaner than carpeting and easier to keep clean.

Carpet is bad if you have pets because their pet hairs get stuck in the carpet fibers. If the pets urinate on your carpeting, the urine soaks down into the padding, and when this happens the only thing you can do is to remove the carpeting. If you have anyone in your home that has allergies they are much better off with hardwood flooring. This is because dust and debris gets stick in the carpet and when walked on or vacuumed, these things can fly into the air.

You have many things to consider when installing hardwood flooring, such as the type of wood used and the color, which depends on the wood that you choose.

Install New Kitchen Cabinets

You likely spend a lot of time in your kitchen and if your kitchen cabinets have some age on them you should consider replacing them with new cabinets. You can purchase stock cabinets that are already made for you. You can also purchase semi-custom where you can make small changes, or you can choose custom cabinets to design them on your own. Custom made cabinets can be beneficial because you can have them made in any size, and can choose bottle racks, hutches, and suspended units.

There are different types of wood you can choose. Red oak is durable, strong, and generally inexpensive. You can find them in a variety of finishes and styles. Red oak cabinets look great if you like the traditional look.

Cherry cabinets look good in formal or contemporary kitchen. It is a hardwood and is durable. It may be more expensive when compared to the other types and it is the color of a reddish-brown that darkens over time.

Pine cabinets are another option and look great if you have a country kitchen. This is a softwood so it is not as durable as the other options. The wood generally has knots to make the cabinets look interesting, and they can be stained if you do not like the pale-yellow wood.

Talk with a general contractors like SBL Contractors LTD in your area to install your wood flooring and kitchen cabinets. Both things would be difficult for a DIY project, and a general contractor will ensure the job is done properly.