How To Prepare For Your Modular Home Delivery

If you have purchased land and you can't wait to move out on to it, then a modular home is the quickest way to realize this dream. Modular homes have far outstripped the basic mobile homes they are descended from – no longer are you stuck with a narrow home that resembles a semi trailer, instead you can choose from different parts that are connected on site. You can find modular homes in farmhouse, log home, or even modern styles. Once you have chosen your home, prepare the site on your land for the installation so you can move in as soon as possible.

Prepare the site

Site selection and preparation requires weighing multiple factors. You need to find a relative level area where water or runoff doesn't collect. It should be easily accessible for both you and the delivery of your home. It may also need to be near a road or power line so you can more easily hook it into the grid. In many cases, you will want to work with the modular company and possibly a surveyor to find the location. Once determined, clear the site of brush and level the land in preparation for the delivery.

Choose a foundation

Most modular homes are delivered strapped to flatbed trailers, so you can't just set them on the ground. A concrete foundation is often preferred, but it does depend on your location. If your land is considered unstable or is prone to flooding, a pier foundation may be a better choice. This foundation consists of piers sunk into the ground, and then a wooden foundation is built on top of them. Your modular installer can help you make foundation choices, just make sure the foundation is finished before delivery day.

Provide enough space

Having your home delivered and set up can require additional space. At a bare minimum there will be the delivery truck and a crane. For most homes, though, there are several trucks carrying the various modules. You need to have enough space cleared so that the delivery trucks can access your home site and that the crane has room to maneuver. You also need to provide parking for the various workers helping with the installation. In some cases, you may need to work with neighboring property owners, since installation access may be easier from their side of the property line.

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