Perennial plants can survive for up to two years, and every year they usually bloom on their own. These plants have deep roots that allow them to access nutrients they require. As a result, these plants last longer and they don't require a lot of maintenance. These plants make your yard to look beautiful throughout the entire year since they can withstand adverse weather conditions. If you are not sure about the perennials to plant in your yard, the consult with professional landscaping services to get the best plant choice for your garden. Here are some of the best perennial plants for your garden.  


While it is considered a shrub, it is one of the best perennial plants to plant in your yard. Many people love lavender because of its sweet-smelling summer flowers as well as fragrant silver-green leaves. Lavender can be a good option for hedging, containers, edging, and borders. Lavender flowers usually attract butterflies and bees, and they cope well to light and sandy soils. These flowers can make elegant flower bouquets and also cake decoration and flavoring.


This plant is well known for its autumn and late summer color. Sedums are easy plants to grow in the garden, and they are good at tolerating severe conditions. If you are looking for border plants, consider planting sedum spectabile, also known as ice plant, which produces a neat and upright growth, with dark-green leaves. This plant flowers from August until late into the autumn.


This is one of the popular and most reliable perennial plants. The plant is well-known because of its long-lasting bloom of color it produces at the end of summer and beginning of autumn. The brightly colored petals surrounding the bulging conical centers usually attract bees for pollination. Rudbeckia has a neat and upright growth that is very bushy, which makes it fit very well in the perennial family.


This plant is categorized as one of the most dependable perennial plants. It has a wide range of bright colors, which range from bright yellow to red and they do well during the late summer. Heleniums produce their beautiful flowers from midsummer to the beginning of the autumn. Helenums are also good at making flower bouquets.


These are some of the best plants that you can plant in your yard, particularly cottage gardens. Dianthus are good for salty and windy, coastal weather conditions. Their flowers are also good for cutting.

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